The World Cup is Italian, anyway!!!!!

The World Cup is Italian, anyway!!!!!

The World Cup is Italian, anyway!!!!!

The end of the World Cup is near and we can’t wait to see who is going to hold the golden trophy at the end of the World Cup Final game in Moscow on Sunday 15th July 2018 between France and Croatia.

But, for your information, the trophy is Italian, anyway!

It was created in Milan (exactly in Paderno Dugnano) by Italian sculptor and goldsmith Silvio Gazzaniga.

In 1971 among 53 candidates, Gazzaniga’s model was chosen for its fluid design and symbolic significance. The inspiration, as he said, came from “two fundamental images: those of a triumphant athlete and of the world. I wanted to create a dynamic representation of an accomplishment that could express harmony, simplicity and peace simultaneously”.

If I ever have to re-create it, I would not make any changes to the original. The fact that the trophy still endures today in this changing world of fashions is a testament to the fact that I was inspired by beautiful symbols and universal principles that became part of my creation“.

The trophy was adopted in 1972 by FIFA and the original is never given to the winner of the World Cup. In fact, the original is presented at the opening ceremony and at the end of the World Cup. In the meantime, the golden trophy is displayed in the FIFA Headquarters in Switzerland. The winner of the World Cup receives a metal, gold-plated copy. The original just occasionally returns to Milan to be polished.

The trophy is made of 18 carats solid gold, it’s 36.8 cm tall with a base of 13cm and its weight is 6kg 175gr.

The names of the nations who won the FIFA World Cup from 1974 until today are engraved on the bottom of the gold trophy and this tradition will continue until 2038.

Whose name will be written on the bottom the evening of the 15th July?

Croatia or France?

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