Case Romane
Underground Rome: Saint Clement’s underground + Roman Houses


We will bring you back in time to the underground of the San Clemente Church where your guide will bring to life the history of this magnificent place and its underground levels. The three levels are from three different centuries and each of them is keeping the secrets of those times. You will be able to visit three churches, one on top of the other and by descending the levels you will go through time from the 12th A.C. to the 1st-century A.C.

After visiting the underground you will discover the Roman Houses on the Celio Hill. The secrets of this place were hidden until 2002 when the houses opened to the public. Here you will be able to discover about four centuries of Ancient Rome history that includes some crucial times of the Roman Empire.

Language: English

Itinerary: St Clement’s church underground, Roman Houses on the Celio Hill

Duration: 2/2.5 hrs

Inclusions: Fully licensed guide, tickets, reservations

Locations of the sites: Colosseum area

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Adults, Reduced 7-17years old

Departure time

9.30am, 3pm only on Sundays