DOmus Transitoria
Nero’s Domus Transitoria + Roman Forum

Discover the first Nero’s palace on Palatine Hill, the marvelous Domus Transitoria. The building luxuriously decorated with frescoes and with colorful marbles from all over the Roman Empire has been mainly used for parties and entertainment of the Emperor and his friends.

Several fountains located inside the numerous marble columns were used to cool down the hot summer air and to create spectacular water shows.

With the help of new technologies, you will be able to enjoy and admire this palace and you will discover how it looked like centuries ago.

Join us and discover this marvellous building recently opened on the Palatine Hill!

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approximately 2hrs

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12 participants

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Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays


Adults, children/teenagers 6 – 17yrs old