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History and Mystery of Rome – Walking Tour


Beside the grandeur of the ancient Roman past and the Renaissance, there is much more to discover about Rome. It is needed just to wander across the city centre like a true Roman citizen for sensing something unusual, for noticing (even from the outside) that something is located behind a left ajar door, a badly enlightened window, inside the tick walls of a house, around the corner of a street, or permeating a statue. Something that is not belonging to our time anymore, but already pertains to the eternity of a city which is totally rife with stories and memories about cruelty, murders, executions, vengeance, torment and power.

Join us in a walking tour which will let you wander across many small, secret streets and squares of Rome’s city centre for letting you discover part of its hidden and twisted past, several untold stories, and also many curiosities, some of them even about a few well-known places and buildings.



Walking Tour

Meeting point: Lungotevere Castello 50 – Main entrance of the Castel Sant’Angelo

Meeting time: 5pm

Dress Code: Casual, comfortable shoes

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Adult, Reduced 6-18yrs, Free 0-5yrs old