Good Morning Vatican


Even if you have already visited the Vatican Museums and you think this is just one of several tour options offered by agencies, you’re wrong!

The Good Morning Vatican Museums experience is a tour option that cannot be compared with any other Vatican tour or experience.

The start of this unique event is at 6am when the magnificent doors, under the sight of two statues of Raffaello and Michelangelo, will open and you will access the Vatican Museums hall.

An ancient elevator will bring you to the upper level, where the Clavigero will collect all the necessary keys for the opening of the Vatican Museums’ sections. In the meantime, at the Corrazze Atrium, you will admire the sunrise just behind the magnificent St. Peter’s Dome. After collecting the keys, that will give us access to all of the important sections of the Vatican Museums, you will access the Pio Clementino Museum and Octagonal Courtyard with all the statues glancing at you from the darkness.

In the perfect silence you will have the impression to hear the footsteps of all the inhabitants of the Popes’ apartments who used to walk on those ancient pavements and though those long corridors.

With the help of flashlights we will then reach the entrance of the Vatican Galleries and, maybe, some of you will be offered a key that will open these sections for all the visitors that day. From there you will be allowed to open the covers on these historic windows from where the Popes in past centuries used to admire the Vatican Gardens.

After all of these sections, you will reach a small double wooden door. This will probably be the biggest excitement of the whole itinerary as this door will lead you inside the Sistine Chapel.

The Sistine Chapel will be opened only for our group and you will have a chance to access this marvelous place in silence and without any other visitors except for our small group.

Experience the unique feeling of being one in a million of people to access, to open and to walk alone among the most beautiful collection of art in the World.

This tour option includes:

  • exclusive entrance at 6am
  • entrance fee
  • English speaking guide
  • opening experience with the Clavigero
  • breakfast
  • Clear

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