Colosseum & Roman Forum Semi Private tour


The Semi Private Tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum will give you the opportunity to visit the Ancient Rome area with a small group and learn all important facts of the Ancient Rome and of the Roman Empire. Maximum number of participants for this group is 13 and this will give you the chance to interact with your guide and ask all the questions you might have about the Romans, their culture and the Roman Empire. Your guide will entertain you with historical facts and will explain to you what were the habits of the Romans, what and why we inherited from their culture. You will discover ancient Roman architecture and you will be surprised of the magnificence of the buildings still existing 2000 years later.

You will enter the Colosseum, where your guide will explain about the architecture of those times and how it was possible to build such monumental building and what was the purpose of this magnificent building. The guide will carefully distinguish the true facts from the urban legends connected to movie shoots in and about the Colosseum, Ancient Rome, Emperors, gladiators and more.

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Adults, youth up to 17years old


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