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  • 29 March 2018

Horti Farnesiani on the Palatine Hill – first botanical gardens in Europe!

Horti Farnesiani on the Palatine Hill – first botanical gardens in Europe!

Finally after 30 years a part of the Palatine Hill, known as Farnese gardens, are open to public.

The Gardens have been constructed in 1550 by the Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and these Gardens were the first botanical gardens in Europe!

The Gardens are divided in terraces connected by steps. By climbing the steps it was possible to see, for example, the Ninfeo della Piogga (Rain Nymphaeum) and the Teatro del Fontanone.

Mainly the Gardens were divided in: Main Entrance, Porticoes and Fontana della Pioggia, Second Floor, Third Floor and Aviaries on the Top Floor.

Computer reconstruction by Electa

One of the sections of the Gardens is known as Giadino della Palma where the visitors could admire exotic plants form America and Africa.

Most of the statues have been removed or sold, but thanks to the National Archeological Museum in Naples, some of the original statues have been temporarily placed on their original spot.

However, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the marvelous place. From late March until October 2018 you can access the Farnese Gardens by entering from the Palatine Hill entrance or even from the Roman Forum entrance. The visit is included in your Colosseum and Roman Forum ticket.

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