water fountains in rome

When in Rome….drink the water!!!!

As you stroll around Rome, you will see many public water fountains called “nasoni”, which Romans say resemble a “big nose”.


In 1874, the town built by the first mayor of the capital circle, Luigi Pianciani and Councilor Rinazzi, a series of fountains for public use and access. The cylindrical cast iron stood 120 cm high, with three simple vents from which water would rush directly into the storm drain, through a grate on the road base.


The only decoration was the dragon heads that housed release torches. Soon the dragon heads disappeared from later models, and was simply a single curved metal tube, which even today are known these fontanelle. One of the oldest is still working in Piazza della Rotonda, at the Pantheon, a couple of meters from the great fountain.

Children, lovers and even pups enjoying the thousands of “Nasoni” around Rome.

Nasoni - Piazza della Rotinda - fotografo: Benvegnù - Guaitoli

Nasoni – Piazza della Rotinda – fotografo: Benvegnù – Guaitoli

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