A hidden gem not far away from Rome… discover Ponza island!

When you plan to visit Italy and you think about its islands you might think first of Sicily and Sardinia. Being these two big islands and it takes time to visit them properly, you might think of some cozier and smaller island to visit. Maybe Capri, or Isola d’Elba.

But, probably, you have never heard of Ponza island!

A quick ferry ride from Anzio, Terracine or Formia, and you will be in Paradise!!


Location of Ponza

The historical research confirms that the island has been connected to the mainland by a strip of land that sank with a part of the island. Related to this geological phenomenon and to some volcanic activities, there are still some evidences of these researches.

Anyway, you must know that Ponza is a remaining of an extinct volcano and just this add more magic and mystery to the place.

It is believed that the first inhabitants were Etruscans, followed by Romans – in fact there are still some ruins of “Julia’s Palace” in Ponza.


Pilato’s caves in Ponza

The sea stacks that surround the island give evidence of the extraordinary natural phenomena. You must sail around Ponza in order to discover all the caves and hidden corners of this magnificent place.


The “cave houses” are also an additional attraction. They are built by locals who have learned how to live in this unusual homes.

However, in contradiction to the pure nature you can enjoy here, Ponza is an esteemed destination of many VIPs and young people who spend their weekends or entire holidays on islands. If you didn’t know anything about the island and you just arrived there, the presence of numerous yachts and sailing boats will give you an idea of a very “VIP place”. In 2016 Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey and Carolina of Monaco, just to mention few, have spent some time on and around the island, while Fendi family are almost regular residents of the island.

Half Moon Beach - Chiaia di Luna

Half Moon Beach – Chiaia di Luna

In addition to the pure and crystalline water and intact nature, you also have this touch of luxury and, the most important thing, a great selection of Mediterranean food, what else would you ask for? Here you can choose a sea excursion around the island or a car ride “coast-to-coast” where you will discover fantastic landscapes from the hills or you can simply enjoy snorkelling not far away from the coast. At the end of the day you can relax in some of the restaurants where they serve fresh fish seasoned with some local herbs and spices.


Ask us to organize your trip there and you will not regret. You may stay a weekend or even longer, but every minute of your visit on the island will be unforgettable!!!


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