When in Rome….drink the water!!!!

As you stroll around Rome, you will see many public water fountains called “nasoni”, which Romans say resemble a “big nose”. In 1874, the town built by the first mayor of the capital circle, Luigi Pianciani and Councilor Rinazzi, a series of fountains for public use and access. The cylindrical cast iron stood 120 cm…

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Positano, Amalfi Coast… an unforgettable experience!!

Do you have the Winter Blues? Dreaming of Summer? Now is the time to start planning your Italian escape to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, the Amalfi Coast! Your private driver will whisk you away for a day of eating, drinking local wines, limoncello tasting and visiting a local buffalo-mozzarella farm!…

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All those “lies”….at Carnival

If you happened to be in Italy during the pre-Carneval time, you will be wondering what are those strange, irregular shaped pastries you see everywhere. You will find them at the counter of the coffee bars, bakeries and pastry shops. You can get a paper bag full of these pastries and once you started to…

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Michelangelo’s grocery list… a piece of art

When we think about Michelangelo, Raffaello and many other artists who left their indelible sign in the history of art, we always think about their artworks that leave us breathless every time we look at them. But we never think they were also (almost) ordinary people and they used to do all the things that…

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A hidden gem not far away from Rome… discover Ponza island!

When you plan to visit Italy and you think about its islands you might think first of Sicily and Sardinia. Being these two big islands and it takes time to visit them properly, you might think of some cozier and smaller island to visit. Maybe Capri, or Isola d’Elba. But, probably, you have never heard…

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“Secrets & mysteries” of the Vatican Museums and Vatican Tours

In our long carrier as tour operators we have often noticed that, when visiting the Vatican, many tourists actually are not aware of some important facts about the place they are going to visit. Some of these “secrets” concerning the Vatican Museums visit might be very surprising in case you’re not well informed. International border.…

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Galleria Borghese Private Event by City Lights Tours

We are very honoured of being chosen to organize the closing evening of the Italian National Labour Council CNCL in Rome. We have opted for Galleria Borghese that has been opened only for us from 8pm. Our 19 guides have led 450 participants through the museums and have unveiled for them all the history and behind-the-scenes…

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Cosmati mosaics: harmony, symmetry, perfection

While the Roman mosaics are very well known all over the world, very few know about the Cosmatesque art of ornamental pavements. The Cosmati Family was a Roman family of marble artisans who during the XII and XIII century created a completely new style of marble ornaments. Probably they didn’t invent this style but they…

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You’re now entering the Sistine Chapel… Mind the masterpiece

You have probably heard a lot about the Sistine Chapel, about Michelangelo and you have seen the most famous fragments of this masterpiece. However, there a several curious facts that you (probably) didn’t know… When the Pope Julius asked Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, he refused because he considered himself a sculptor rather than a…

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Rome… how to get there? Rome Airport transport solutions

Planning a vacation can include a research of hotels, tours, sightseeing places, sites not to miss. When we talk about Rome, the research can be overwhelming. There is so many things to visit and to do, that your list can be infinite. Tours of archaeological sites, visits to some of the museums, try some authentic Italian food…

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Turin: scent of coffee and taste of Giandujotto

It is no surprise that New York Times has chosen Turin as one of the “must-see” travel destinations. We have always believed Turin had an unveiled charm. As former capital of Italy, Turin is the city where the World’s largest Egyptian Museum outside of Cairo is located and where you can find an extraordinary combination of…

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When in Italy… have a cup of coffee

It will probably happen that while on holidays in Italy and in between a stroll in the Roman Forum or a visit to the Sistine Chapel you would like to enjoy a little bit more of Italian culture. You will more likely find a nice Italian bar and order a cappuccino. It that happens in…

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