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Sean was born in Dublin, Ireland and after living abroad for some years, he decided to move to Rome. Since he arrived he did not stop discovering the immense beauty of Rome and other cities in Italy. For several years he has been working for different tour agencies in Rome where he has improved costumer service skills. While learning about the artistic and archaeological treasures of Rome and Italy, he was focused on the research of the best way of discovering them for numerous tourists visiting the city. This is the main reason that brought him to establish his own agency and to offer a high quality tours in Italy.



Maja was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and moved to Italy more than 20 years ago with the aim to finish her studies. While she was accomplishing her goal, she has been travelling a lot throughout Europe and US, trying to be more an explorer than a simple tourist. After working for several years in diplomacy and after taking the PhD in Political Science, she decided to combine the skills she has learned and practiced in her field with the exploring spirit she always had. That is why City Lights Tours was created where nobody can feel just as a simple tourist.


Emad was born in Egypt and few years ago love brought him to Italy. Since he was 18 years old (and maybe before!:)) he has been working in tourism in Egypt, which¬†millions of tourist are visiting every year. During those years he has refined his skills as a tour manager and as a tour guide. He learned how to manage a demanding tourism in Egypt and that’s exactly what the City Lights team needed. With his calm and significant approach to every challenge,¬†Emad is always (smiling and) ready to find a solution to every problem.

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